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“Diadema” company grows and develops – we now are glad to present to our wholesale buyers of wedding jewellery and accessories the three new categories of goods at the attractive prices:

-         exquisite veils

-         cinctures with stones

-         and incredibly dinky evening purses and clutches



We are glad to present to our buyers the addition of new positions to our assortment – children’s dressy gloves. The gloves will excellently complete the image of a young princess, they will become a great accent in a duet with a children’s festive evening dress: abundance of colors, fashionable models of gloves and various prices – visit the category “Children’s gloves”, we are sure you will find the accessories to your taste!

Wedding accessories2013-06-09

         In creation of a perfect dazzling image of a bride there is no place for trifles which can be neglected. Every detail is important, it especially concerns the wedding adornments for the bride. Being less conspicuous than, for example, the clothes, they are exactly the ones which set the general tone in an attire.

         The stylists recommend buying the accessories in one place in order to pick the shades and consider the combination of stylistic nuances in the best possible way. In the assortment of “Diadema” online shop we offer various wedding adornments, from which the harmonious garnitures or sets can be easily created. Such an offer will be also interesting for our partners and entrepreneurs who buy wedding accessories by wholesale and aim to create a full and unique assortment for their buyers.

         When choosing wedding accessories in is not at all mandatory to seek picking everything of a similar style. One of adornments can be a central one, as a diadem decorated with stones, for example. Then other adornments will emphasize the beauty of the diadem and her owner, without attracting extra attention to themselves.

         Wedding accessories in the assortment of “Diadema” online shop are represented with gloves, diadems, necklaces and earrings, hairpins, bridal veils, brooches, bracelets, combs and hairbands. Each of the accessories is intended to create a festive mood for you! You can buy wedding accessories by wholesale or at retail from us. The order of any amount can be made right from this website, “Catalog” section.

Wedding gloves

         According to the wedding etiquette, wedding gloves as one of the wedding accessories have been an indispensable attribute of a bride for several centuries already. This attribute is perceived as an exclusively wedding one, since the lace gloves are already not worn with common or even with evening attires.

         In the “Catalog” of “Diadema” online shop among all the variety of models of wedding gloves of lace, sewn with beads, sequins and tinsel, you can easily find a pair of appropriate style for your wedding dress. The gloves can be of different length (above the elbow, up to the elbow or covering palm only), with fingers or fingerless, made of different materials. This allows easy picking of a pair for summer wedding attire or for a cooler weather.

         “Diadema” online shop offers you a wide choice of wedding gloves by wholesale or at retail, and the choice depends only on your preferences! It is important to pick the wedding gloves for a dress exactly. The length of gloves necessary for you depends on a sleeve: if there are no sleeves, feel free to choose a pair of gloves covering the elbow; if a dress has a small sleeve, it is best to give preference to short gloves. Wedding gloves of average length are suitable in both cases.

         We offer wedding gloves by wholesale to entrepreneurs and to simple wholesale buyers. We have a broad range of models and a convenient order form on the website.

         You have knowingly visited “Diadema” online shop, because we have the best choice of all the possible wedding accessories for the bride’s attire!